Toby The Goat (TTG) — Roadmap Explained

Toby The Goat (TTG)
4 min readDec 9, 2021


So, you have heard about Toby The Goat or checked our website and want to know more about our roadmap? You’re in the right place.

If you haven’t checked our website, go check it out now to get up to speed on what is Toby The Goat (

We will go into greater detail on what we have planned for our roadmap and how we are going to bring utility to our NFT.

Along with the roadmap, we have an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token named $FUR whose goal is to give holders the ability to perform art-based upgrades, earn passive income, and play on our web-based NFT game Run Toby Run!

In this article we focus on the roadmap, but if want to know more about the utility token, read our article that explains everything about it:

Our roadmap is divided into phases, each phase will be unlocked by a pre-determined percentage of sales from our NFT collection — Toby The Goat (TTG).

These are the following:

0% — Pilot

Before any sales, the first step of our roadmap is to publish our smart contract on Ethereum’s blockchain. After deploying our contract on the Ethereum blockchain, we will mint 75 NFTs for the purpose of promoting our project through giveaways.

Additionaly, we will mint NFTs for each member of the team (That’s right, you’re not the only ones looking for a cool NFT that you can use as a new profile picture 😄).

At the time of writting, the contract has already been deployed and its source code can be seen on the blockchain explorer Etherscan ( As planned, a few goats have been minted and our giveaways have already started (Check our social media links at the bottom for more information on those).

10% — Early bird reward

Achieving 10% in sales means that our project has successfully taken off. To thank our community, we will perform 5 giveaways of 1 Ether each exclusive to Toby The Goat holders.

For the sake of transparency to the community these giveaways will be held live on a YouTube channel. To select the 5 winners, we will use to generate the random numbers. The number will then be used to query the owner of the Toby with the index of the random number and 1 Ether will be sent to the winner’s wallet.

25% — NFT Game

At 25% sales, we launch Run Toby Run, our Play 2 Earn NFT Game. We will first release a beta version, after being tested by the community we will rollout a second release that will allow players to start earning. Its genre is endless runner and it will be a web-based game, making it available for all platforms.

50% — Suit up!

Half-way through our collection, we will launch our merch store exclusively for Toby The Goat holders. After signing in with your wallet to prove that you are a TTG holder you will have the option to purchase pins, mugs and t-shirts featuring your unique NFT. You will also have the option to purchase A4-sized posters containing original art from Leitov, our illustrator.

75% of profits from all merch sales will be used to raise money for our community fund. The community decides the best destination for these funds and the team acts accordingly.

75% — Entering Space

At this stage, we’re giving back more than ever. We will launch a secondary collection called Timmy Little Goat (TLG). The current holders of Toby The Goat will only pay for the gas fee at the time of mint.

Timmy Little Goat will be available as an in-game companion. Another perk of Timmy’s is that they’re entitled to periodic $FUR airdrops.

100% — The goat has landed

We will donate 100 000€ to an institution decided by the community. Once again, we place our trust in the community to responsibly choose an institution with a worthy cause to receive this money.

Wrapping up..

We hope that you found our roadmap interesting and decided to join the ride in presenting the metaverse to the universe.

If you want to catch up on the latest news or chat with us, follow us on twitter and join our Discord server.

-See you in the metaverse-



Toby The Goat (TTG)

A collection of 9999 goats that live on the ethereum blockchain.